SOFTspot – Textile Spotting System

SOFTspot – Textile Spotting System

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The “one size fits all”-spotting table made in Switzerland

The past 50 years we have engaged in producing various types of highly effective, professional spot remover systems. The famous products such as the K500, K750, K100 and DUO – all offering an array of different functionalities. We have now moved a step ahead and are proud to provide cleaning operators with a new, enhanced & innovative ALL IN ONE spot remover that combines soft solvent, hot soap with a powerful stain busting pulsating jets AND warmed air drying. AVAILABLE WITH OR WITHOUT COMPRESSED AIR!

The modern and low cost design of the SOFTspot allows customers to mechanically remove a higher number of different types of stains with environmentally friendly CFC-free solvents or water-based soap liquid more quickly and cheaply than any other comparable spotting table on the market. A solution to fast, simple, clean and environmentally friendly remove stains of all kinds. And make B-clothes, back to A-clothes!

It is suited for …

  • textile production,
  • textile finishing,
  • fashion retail, fashion houses,
  • hotels, hospitals, cruise ships
  • laundries, dry cleaners
  • and more.

The SOFTspot is a much smarter alternative to applying aggressive chemicals on textile as it uses the far safer mechanical approach – a powerful pulsating jet delivers hot soap, mild solvent or water to disintegrate the stain, forcing it through the material and into the suction unit. The system has integrated warm air drying which prevents drying edges, saving time and costs. With frequent stains a stain removal system pays for itself within a few months.

In addition to being the ideal flexible solution for garment manufacturers or retailers of all sizes, the SOFTspot does not require compressed air or 3 phase electric.  Plus the fact that we fit the machine with wheels underneath. This flexibility means that this spotting solution can be placed pretty much anywhere stains need to be removed including clothing stores, cruise ships & hotel laundries, dry cleaners and the like.

The KREA Swiss method is much cheaper than using aggressive chemicals, but also avoids health risks and issues of:

  • customers receiving clothes containing dangerous chemicals, and
  • workers producing the garments breathing in toxins.

Additional information

Fluid Flow Rate

Circa 85ml per minute

Fluid Pumps

60Watts (x3)

Air Flow Motor



230V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz


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